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What's holding you back?

There are two main reasons why clients come to see us - they want to change how they behave or how they feel. Both of which are governed by our thoughts or subconscious. 

Hypnotherapy is about re-educating your subconscious mind so that you can choose to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It can help you make real positive life changes.

Unlike most Hypnotherapists, we measure your results based on the Subjective Units of Distress (SUD) scale.


At the start of your session, you are asked to score how much the issue you're seeking treatment for is affecting you. You are again asked this question a few days after your session. 

Our reviews provide information on how many sessions each client has had and how far they have moved along the scale. 

Our feedback indicates that most clients only require one or two sessions to experience massive, life-changing shifts. This is regardless of how deep rooted the issue is.

Breakthrough Transformation Therapy 

We attribute our success rates to the development of our unique therapeutic system known as 'breakthrough transformation therapy' (BTT).

BTT is a combination of hypnosis, inner child therapy, parts therapy, timeline therapy, bespoke affirmations, visualisation, NLP, TFT and life coaching. 

BTT gets to the root cause of your issue in as little as one or two sessions resulting in rapid, genuine and long lasting change.

Specialist service 

Our friendly and compassionate Hypnotherapist's provide a premium service which has achieved outstanding results for our clients.

Due to the high level customised treatment we provide, our services are in high demand.

We operate on a wait-list basis at Harley Street. We can offer more flexible appointment times via Skype for urgent matters. We encourage you to book your session as soon as you can.

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Our private clinic at No.1 Harley Street provides a safe, confidential and trusted environment for all your treatment needs.

In addition to offering private sessions to clients
worldwide online. We also offer special rates through our corporate well-being initiative.

What our clients say
after just ONE session!

Our philosophy

We believe that rapid, long lasting results can be achieved in just a few sessions. Our client reviews are testament to how quickly you can expect to experience life changing 'shifts' in just one or two sessions.

As C.G Jung once said "the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are". Our privilege is to help you get there


Our commitment to you

Our aim is to give you all the knowledge and support you need so you don't have to keep coming back. 

The single most effective tool we use in the treatment process is open and clear communication. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs.

Post session support 

In addition to your tailored session, you’ll also receive customised self-hypnosis tools, on-going post session support and access to our private member’s area on the website.

We guarantee that you’ll receive a premium, bespoke and confidential service at all times.

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