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Corporate wellbeing

Join the growing number of organisations today and invest in your most valuable asset; your staff. 

A healthy workforce 

We all know that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce. But with workplace ‘health’ initiatives traditionally focussing on physical health (discounted gym memberships etc) there is little help for employees when it comes to the everyday issues.

Chronic distress

These everyday problems are often unseen negative behaviours, feelings and habits which manifest in the form of ‘chronic distress’ and significantly impact both physical and mental health.

Symptoms of chronic distress

Some of the most common signs of chronic distress inlcude:

Panic attacks
Weight issues





Stress related physical conditions
Lack of confidence

At Regency Hypnotherapy, we are advocates of mental wellbeing and firmly believe that every employee should have meaningful access to treatment and support that actually works.

Corporate packages 

We offer two corporate packages, which will suit every organisation regardless of its size.


  • The Regency Wellbeing Initiative 


Our first package allows every member of your organisation 10% off all appointments, whether at Harley Street or via Skye! 

How to join:


Email us at with the name and contact details of your HR Manager. You should also let your HR Manager know that you’re interested in joining this initiative and that you’ve forwarded us their details!

HR Managers

Send us an email from your work email address stating that:

a) you would like to join our initiative to enable all members of your staff to receive a 10% discount on any hypnotherapy treatment; and

b) you agree to circulate our newsletter to all your staff once a month so that they are kept fully informed of the treatments available.

It’s as simple as that! Get in touch and get 10% off today and every day!


  • The Regency Workplace Initiative 

Our second package brings the skills and expertise of Harley Street right to your offices - with 15% off all sessions!. We'll carry out treatments at your offices, saving your staff time and money!

A minimum booking of one day per month is required (consisting of 5 sessions)

You also need a confidential room or office with a comfortable chair or sofa.

Join today

Call us free on 0800 246 1017 or email us at to discuss availability.

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